Line of Duty New Series 6 Out Soon on the BBC

It’s nearly that time, the BBC has announced the latest series of Line of Duty is airing later this month.   From the 21st March, 2021 you’ll be able to enjoy series 6 of the hugely popular police drama on BBC iPlayer that’s gripped thousands.   For fans of the series there’s still a lot of questions remaining which hopefully will be answered, the trailer suggests some cryptic plot lines though.

We’ve had to wait a lot longer than expected for Series 6, it was actually due to air in 2020. However the production and filming was delayed for six months due to the pandemic. There’s some good news though, this series has an extra episode 7 instead of the usual six to the previous series.

Line of Duty Cast Series 6

  • DS Steve Arnott – Martin Compston
  • DI Kate Fleming – Vicky McClure
  • Superintendent Ted Hastings – Adrian Dunbar
  • DC Chloe Bishop – Shalom Brine-Franklin
  • Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson – Kelly MacDonald

The last series of Line of Duty was the most watched TV show in the United Kingdom in 2019, with over 7.8 million people watching the series premiere.  That number will be much higher when you include all the people who have watched it on BBC iPlayer and other streaming channels all over the world.  Currently you can watch all the previous 5 series of Line of Duty on BBC iPlayer too.

BBC iPlayer is available free of charge to anyone in the United Kingdom with a valid UK TV license.  However this isn’t enforced and anyone can actually watch online.  If you want to access the BBC iPlayer and all the shows in the archive from outside the United Kingdom then you’ll need a valid VPN subscription to watch.  Simply connect to a UK based server before you connect to the BBC iPlayer web site and it will work perfectly.  You can see a demonstration of what’s involved in using a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer here.   To summarise the VPN hides your real location, as long as the VPN is based in the UK then the BBC website will think you’re in the UK too.

So remember March 21st 2021 is the date the new series is available.  Hopefully we’ll discover this series who the mysterious ‘H’ is, although the gossip suggests that there are quite a few more twists and turns to follow.


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