How to Watch UK TV in Germany – Simple Method

The BBC iPlayer is one of the worlds most popular websites and it’s easy to see why. It’s packed full of great quality dramas, documentaries, sports and news programmes. With 12 live streaming channels and an archive with thousands of shows available too it’s better than most cable and satellite subscriptions. Unfortunately if you try and access the BBC iPlayer from Germany then you’ll get blocked automatically.  The BBC doesn’t allow people outside the UK to access programmes directly from their website. To get around this you’ll need to use a VPN or Proxy server which can hide your real IP address and provide an alternative one with a British location.

BBC iPlayer in Deutsch

There are many providers out there some who offer short term, monthly and even longer subscriptions. But the best way to find a VPN is simply by searching for one of these words on Google.

Just enter ‘VPN UK’ or ‘Proxy Server UK’ and have a search online. This will provide you with a list of providers that allow people in Germany to access sites like BBC iPlayer and many other streaming service packages too. Once you’ve picked your provider. If you are on a budget then it’s worth doing some research to find the cheapest one for your needs as they can differ greatly in price. Usually the cheaper deals are for longer periods, but don’t get locked in to something that doesn’t work for your favorite TV service.

There’s no doubt though that investing a small amount in a VPN is definitely worth it.  The amount of free resources that suddenly come available when you can bypass all these geo-blocks is amazing.  Even for just UK Television there’s a whole world of entertainment available completely free of charge from sites like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub plus several more.  They’re actually much better than the many overpriced subscription service packages you can get and they’re entirely free when you have access.  Plus you don’t need a satellite dish even to access things like Sky UK TV, it can all be done online. I watch all the Premiership highlights on Match of the Day every week and enjoy  the BBC News coverage on English TV every day.

To Watch UK TV in Germany Like BBC iPlayer then Try this VPN provider

It can sound confusing when you hear all the technical talk about IP addresses, VPNs and proxies. However it really isn’t, in fact on most devices it’s little more than installing a program/software/app and clicking on a button. Hopefully this video will show you how simple it is.

So how does this work, well you’re simply hiding your location by relaying your connection through a VPN server. Provided that the VPN is located in the correct location it will bypass geo-blocks too. This video illustrates a VPN provider with many servers in the UK which people in Germany can use to watch BBC iPlayer and access other services such as Netflix, ITV Hub and more! They also offer a free money back guarantee so you can check it works ok too.

This VPN provider has servers all over Europe so if you want access BBC iPlayer from Germany, or another country outside of the UK which is blocked; then this is probably the best value one available. If you’re looking to access services in other countries, you should check that they have servers in the right countries. NordVPN does have servers in most countries across the world, so it’s likely they’ll have one available for you. If it’s a smaller country then you might need to try a local provider, i.e. a VPN company with links to that location.

NordVPN works well with accessing most of the UK Television stations online. Largely because they have lots of UK servers and actively try and ensure that their IP addresses don’t get blocked by the BBC. Their servers are also extremely fast and optimized for HD video throughput.

This means no more waiting for videos to buffer or having them constantly freeze up on your screen!  Watching British TV Abroad has never been easier!

Watch UK TV in Germany

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