British Channel 4 Online Not Working in 2024?

Watch Channel 4 Abroad Free of Blocks

If you’eve never heard it of it, then you’re missing a treat.  Channel 4 in the UK may have been the butt of many jokes in it’s earlier years but now it’s packed full of great entertainment.

British Channel 4 Online

Yet recently many people have found the British Channel 4 Online not working when they try and access it on their computers or smart devices.  There’s three main reasons which you can see below –

  • Flash not enabled or no permissions – make sure you’ve got Flash installed and it’s allowed to run.  You’ll find the permissions in settings/privacy and security/site settings in Chrome for example.
  • Ad Blocker Installed – Channel 4 online is financed by showing adverts, if you won’t let them then it won’t run.  You can pay extra for a premium version without adverts if you like.
  • Outside the UK – Channel 4 licences most of it’s shows for broadcast in the UK only.  SO if you’re outside the United Kingdom then you won’t be able to watch.  Read next section for a fix for this too.

How to Get British Channel 4 Online Abroad

Channel 4 is one of the increasing number of shows which  restricts access to it’s domestic market i.e the United Kingdom.  Most of this is due to the licensing arrangements it has with many of it’s suppliers who allow them to broadcast in the UK only.

To enforce this, when you access the All 4 website they will check your IP address and if it not from the UK then you’ll get blocked.

Here’s a video which demonstrates one of the solutions people use –

Basically to avoid the IP detection that the site uses, then you simply use a VPN. Something like Nord VPN will allow you to display a UK IP address to any site, irrespective of your real location.  It’s important you select a UK based server though and not let the program ‘auto select’ one for you.

The second element which is fairly unique to Channel 4 (although ITV did dabble with this method a few years ago) is to detect location for your region settings too.  These are the default location and region settings that most computers have.  If yours aren’t set to the UK then you’ll probably need to modify them too.

Step by Step Channel 4 Online Abroad

Here’s the instructions on these getting these settings working  –

  • In your device’s settings, – change your location to the United Kingdom
  • Set your time zone to GMT -0 (London)
  • Ensure your device’s clock sets itself to GMT -0
  • Restart your device
  • Connect your VPN to UK-based server
  • Go to Channel 4’s and use a real email address
  • Use a Real UK postal code
  • If you don’t have Flash installed click on the link to install Flash

It’s not difficult and once you’ve done it once you should be able to just use the UK VPN without doing anything else.

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