Can I Watch Strictly Come Dancing Online Outside the UK in 2024

Want to Watch Strictly Come Dancing Online?

You can tell the return of Strictly is getting nearer as the rumour are flying around about contestants, judges and even the presenters.   So when does Strictly Come Dancing 2023 start, who’s going to be competing and can you watch it online if you’re outside the UK.   It’s definitely the BBC’s most glamorous show, so here’s a primer on the 2022 schedule.

Can I Watch Strictly Come Dancing Online

There’s no surprise that Strictly Come Dancing 2019 will return to it’s previous slots on Saturday Nights.   It’s ratings have been incredible for years and there’s no doubt it deserves it’s prime time slot.   It should be noted that Strictly will also be on the BBC iPlayer presumably for 90 days. However, the BBC has often modified this for popular shows and with the advent of Britbox don’t be surprised if it’s slightly less than that.  Usually, it’s a show that’s best watched live though as you’ll have a hard time avoiding all the results and gossip after its broadcast.

Can I Watch Strictly Come Dancing Online Outside the UK in 2024

Remember it’s relatively simple now to stream the live shows but remember that to allow for time differences if you’re watching from outside the UK with a VPN.  You can also download each episode to watch offline if you want to watch it another time, the downloaded version will normally expire the same time though.

When Will Strictly Come Dancing 2024Broadcast

It’s widely expected that strictly will be broadcast on BBC 1 in September 2022.  Although the gossip will probably reveal the line up well before this, it’s expected that this will be released at the end of August 2023    This would match with last year’s show, which announced the competitor at the end of August with the competition starting about two weeks later.  Expect a similar timeline this year.

Which Celebrities Will Be in Strictly 2024Lineup?

Well obviously, we’re not sure yet but there’s still lots of rumours flying around.  The news reader Huw Edwards is supposedly going to join although I suspect this won’t be true.  The Talk Show host Alan Carr and several models including Vogue Williams whose name has been mentioned many times.

Here’s the supposed possible list –

  • Chris Evans – DJ and Broadcaster
  • Tamara Eccleston – Rich Person (Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter)
  • Huw Edwards – Newsreader
  • Alan Carr – Comedian and Presenter.
  • Louis Theroux – Documentary maker.
  • Vogue Williams – Model.
  • Deborah James – Radio Presenter
  • Ryan Clark-Neal – Presenter
  • Mark Berry (Bez) – Happy Monday’s Singer
  • Michael Caine – Actor
  • Fearne Cotton – Presenter
  • Roman Kemp – DJ/Capital FM Host
  • Scarlett Moffat – Reality Star

There’s loads more names floating about but those are the most likely possible candidates, expect to see a few surprise names though as we get nearer to the Autumn.

Who are the Strictly Pro Dancers in 2024?

To be honest we don’t know yet and there’s not enough information to make a guess, here’s the line up from 2018 though.

Who are the Judges for Strictly 2023?

It’s expected that there won’t be any change here so – Craig Horwood, Bruno Tonioli, Darcey Burcell and Head Judge Shirley Ballas are all expected to be back again.

Who are the Hosts/Presenters for Strictly Come Dancing 2023?

Again, no change expected here from 2018, so it will be likely Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman who will return to present the show.

Is Strictly Recorded in Advance?

No, amazingly the majority of Strictly Come Dancing is broadcast live on a Saturday night,  The results from Sunday though are pre-recorded.  It’s why we’re a little unsure about how long it’s going to be available on BBC iPlayer, live events are often removed much more quickly form the archive.

Can I watch Strictly 2023 Online from Abroad ?

If you try and watch the show from anywhere outside the UK unfortunately, you’ll get blocked.  the reason is that the BBC checks your location when you visit their site, anyone without a UK IP address won’t be able to watch online or from the archives.  However, there is a solution you can hide your IP address and watch from anywhere in the world by using a VPN – here’s the method.

This method is definitely the most reliable and cost efficient, although it works best on a computer, laptop or tablet. You basically change your location by selecting a server in the correct country.  So, your physical location is irrelevant, as the BBC will only see the location of the server you select.  I discovered this program many years ago, after discovering it’s the easiest way to watch Match of the Day abroad while I was working in Spain

This server then relays the request to access to the web site in question, so the request comes to the BBC’s web server from the UK. If you switch country then you can access content only available in that country, for example you can access ABC, NBC or Hulu by using a US server, enjoy French TV by using a French server and so on.

You can Try it out for ten days using their trial version which only costs about the cost of a coffee and sandwich.

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