Line of Duty New Series 6 Out Soon on the BBC

It’s nearly that time, the BBC has announced the latest series of Line of Duty is airing later this month.   From the 21st March, 2021 you’ll be able to enjoy series 6 of the hugely popular police drama on BBC iPlayer that’s gripped thousands.   For fans of the series there’s still a lot of questions […]

How to Watch UK TV in France Online

Updated December 2020 Summary – How to Watch UK TV in France You need to hide your real location Subscribe to a VPN Service with British servers (NordVPN is cheap and reliable) Download the correct version/app for your device Connect to a UK Based Server Create a free account if you don’t have one (confirm […]

How Anyone Can Unblock US Netflix in 2020

Update August 2020, latest information on the best VPNs that works with Netflix. Now I know it’s not really about UK TV but for many of us Netflix has replaced many of the traditional cable and satellite subscriptions.  Despite the cost of a standard Netflix subscription slowly creeping up, it still represents pretty good value […]

Can Anyone Watch ITV Abroad for Free ?

Updated September 2020 The ITV player has improved greatly over the last few years.  For some time it’s lagged behind the wonderful BBC iPlayer with regards content, an often slow and unreliable video stream plus of course it’s got advertisements.  Now of course, ITV is a commercial station so it has to get funding somehow […]

British Channel 4 Online Not Working

If you’eve never heard it of it, then you’re missing a treat.  Channel 4 in the UK may have been the but of many jokes in it’s earlier years but now it’s packed full of great entertainment. Yet recently many people have found the British Channel 4 Online not working when they try and access […]

Killing Eve Season 2 on BBC iPlayer

t’s incredible how the way we watch TV has changed, and in some ways I think we’ve lost something.  I was only reading this article online about the new series of Killing Eve (season 2 at time of writing) and the web is full of talk about Series 3.  In fact it’s only just been […]