How to Watch British TV Abroad in 2020

Just about every major UK TV channel including BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub is broadcast over the internet, which sounds good news for travelers, expats, holidaymakers  and lovers of British TV.  Unfortunately it’s not that straight forward  as many people have found when they tried to watch online from outside the UK.

UK TV Abroad

All the UK TV channels operate a geo-blocking system which prevents  access from any location outside the United Kingdom.  However don’t worry, at this present time there are thousands of people streaming the BBC iPlayer or watching Coronation Street on the ITV Hub from all over the world.

So don’t worry, keep reading and you’ll be able to start watching BBC iPlayer in a few minutes wherever you are.

Demonstration – How to Stream UK TV Abroad

Here’s a video demonstrating this issue and a solution that’s been letting people watch their favorite TV shows for years :

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The method employed is fairly standard, in order to access all these UK TV websites you need to hide your physical location. These websites determine your location by checking where your IP address is registered to, this is the unique network number which is assigned wherever you are connecting from.  Although this address cannot be changed you can hide it by connecting through an intermediate server based in the United Kingdom.    These are generally called a VPN service or proxy and they can relay your request through any server in any country. This hides your real location and will enable you to start to watch live TV from any UK only based site like the BBC iPlayer.

As you can see although it sounds complicated it’s in fact relatively straight forward. The practice of restricting access based on location is spreading across the world and a huge industry of these VPN services has been created.

Enjoy Watching UK TV Abroad

So which are the main UK TV sites which VPNs are used for? Well the choice is pretty large and to be honest they can supply pretty much all your entertainment needs.  Many find that if they have access to watch British TV that’s all they need. The first four of these are all free with a UK IP address.

  • BBC iPlayer – the biggest and best online TV channel probably in the world, it currently has ten online streaming channels live and thousands of hours content archived. Personally BBC iPlayer it’s pretty much all I watch abroad and of course no adverts.
  • ITV Hub – UK’s biggest commercial TV station also known as ITV player. They run live streaming from all their channels and there’s a huge archive too. Some films and movies can only be watched live due to licensing restrictions. They’ve just put up a new Box set section  to ITV Hub which has entire series to watch at once.
  • All 4 – the innovative and arty UK TV channels. Live streaming and archive section, with some brilliant box sets. Channel 4 has changed from it’s initial inception there’s something for most people – well worth checking out.
  • My 5 – Channel 5’s online channel with fast live streaming and their box sets from their own content and bought in from other channels. They have some excellent crime and Sci-Fi shows from the USA. Also some great dramas and niche programmes that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Sky Go – Sky is the main satellite broadcaster in the UK and has literally millions of subscribers. There are many movies, films, TV series and documentaries. Sky also have coverage of many major sporting events. You will need a paid subscription to watch Sky Go abroad and access these channels. You will need one of the pricier subscriptions for the movies and sports remember.

They are now very simple to use and can hide your location with simply a click of a button. There are literally hundreds of these services available all over the internet however you should be careful which service you invest in. Many of these are overloaded and don’t work well, indeed some are already blocked by websites like the BBC and ITV Player.  In fact there were waves of panic in the expat community last year when people found their BBC iPlayer VPN not working.

If you find a fast, secure VPN service then you can watch BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub without problems.

The best VPN services will never be the cheapest simply because they’re optimized for speed and access.  If you reduce the price you have to load more people onto each server – which does two things.

  • Makes streaming UK TV extremely slow – usually involves stuttering and buffering on the video.
  • Raises the chance significantly of being blocked – the more people on the same server, the more likely it is to be blocked.

Obviously being blocked completely by BBC iPlayer is pretty bad, but it’s also hard to start watching any TV channels if they are slow and keep buffering.  There are a few  companies who ensure that you have a fast, secure and stable connection which will allow you to watch UK TV free whenever you need to.

Of course, a simple method to identify which works well and is to try them out using the short subscription options that most offer.   We’ve tested most of these services and our favorite is one called Identity Cloaker which you can try out for a ten day trial. A couple of clicks and you can be watching UK TV abroad in minutes.  You can even set it up on your smart phone or tablet too, just ask their support for the instructions.