How to Watch ITV Hub Abroad

The ITV Hub was originally known as ITV Catch Up and then switched to ITV Player when it  was released in 2008.  In it’s early years the platform was often criticised as being rather unstable and you couldn’t access ITV content as it simply didn’t exist on it.  Many people also had issues with the video streaming and there were quite a few technical issues especially with the Silverlight player.  It generally worked ok, but it was sometimes difficult to watch ITV especially on an older computer or slow connection like many streaming services at the time.

ITV Hub Abroad
ITV Hub Outside UK

Over the years though the platform has developed and it now covers the entire range of ITV channels – ITV, ITV2, ITVBE, ITV3,ITV 4 and CITV.  It was in 2015 that there was a major upgrade to both the application and the website and as a result the ITV Hub was created. All the video content is now streamed using a Flash Player through ITV essentials so you’ll need to ensure that this is enabled to use the application.

In order to watch ITV Hub you must register an account.  There are two levels of subscription – a free version which is supported by advertisements before any programme and during specified advertising breaks.  There is also something called ITV Hub Plus which removes all the advertising from video streams and currently costs £3.99 a month.  However arguably the biggest advantage of the premium subscription is that you can watch it from anywhere inside the European Union.   Remember though with a VPN service  you can watch ITV live outside the UK and from anywhere.

This is in direct contrast to the normal subscription which only allows access from inside the United Kingdom.  Indeed if you try and Watch ITV Hub outside the UK – i.e anywhere else in the world normally you’ll simply get blocked.  The website does this by checking your IP address when you connect and looking up which country it is registered to. If it’s not from the UK (or EU for Premium subscription) then you’ll not be able to access ITV hub at all.

How to Watch ITV Hub Outside the UK

There is a method to bypass this though as you can see in the following video entitled – Watching the ITV Hub Abroad.  You can watch it below or it’s hosted on YouTube if you prefer.  It’s all the information you need to enjoy ITV hub from abroad or any streaming services anywhere in the world.

Like the BBC, ITV actively tries to block these VPN services although with only limited success. They work because the ITV site will only see the IP address of the VPN server, so as long as it’s based in the UK everything will work fine.  When you have finished watching you can simply disconnect the VPN in order to return to the correct localised browsing.   It also works on other devices, so you can even use the ITV hub app on smart phones and tablets.

Remember when you are connected to a UK VPN server your online experience will also be tailored to the UK.  So for example you would get UK based search results which could be annoying if you’re trying to find a local Plumber in Barcelona for example.

Watch Love Island on ITV Hub Abroad and on Holiday

There are many of these VPN service programs available to watch ITV Hub from abroad and they do vary substantially in cost and performance.  The biggest difference in most of them revolves around speed, unfortunately some are extremely slow.  This is normally at the bottom end of the price range where suppliers load more users onto their servers in order to bring costs down.  Unfortunately watching video and trying to access ITV Hub through an overloaded VPN server is a terrible experience which involves constant buffering.

how to watch love island abroad

The other issue with these ‘overloaded’ VPN services is that they are often blocked from many of the popular streaming services.  This is because when the BBC or ITV see too many people accessing from the same address it makes the VPN easy to detect.  They will then blacklist or block that address and it becomes useless for accessing the BBC or to try and watch ITV Hub through.

Overloaded VPNs are cheap But Won’t Let you Watch ITV Hub Outside the UK 

The program  illustrated in the video is called Identity Cloaker and is one of the original commercial VPN services.  It is important to note that it never advertises the ability to bypass these blocks or to watch things like the ITV Hub from outside the UK.  When you’re looking for a VPN service specifically to watch TV streaming sites, this is an important point.  If they advertise the function on their website or through their marketing they will definitely be targeted. Although the media companies are unable to stop all VPN services they always prioritize those which target TV watching.

So be sure, if you want to watch ITV Hub from abroad without interruptions the please try and pick a low profile VPN secure service.  It doesn’t need to have loads of TV watching adverts all over the website, indeed it’s probably better if it doesn’t any VPN with a UK server can help spoof IP address to watch ITV player.

There is a simple method to identify which works well and that’s to try them out using the short subscription option that most offer.   We’ve tested most of these services and our favorite is one called Identity Cloaker which you can try out for a ten day trial below.

Click to Try Their 10 Day Trial

Their website is awful and outdated, it’s run by server geeks not sales and marketing guys. However it’s definitely the best VPN to watch ITV hub outside UK borders.  The servers are blistering fast and you won’t share them with thousands of others when trying to watch British TV online.   It’s easiest to use on a PC and laptop through the supplied software but you can enable the VPN on most other devices too.  It only take a minute to set up manually and you can watch UK TV abroad on iPad, Android and most other platforms too.

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  1. Hello there,

    Would this work for me? I’m in Egypt and want to watch ITV Hub as some of my favorite shows are from there. Thanks Aly

    1. Yes it works perfectly. Make sure you select a UK server, create an account (use a UK postcode) and you’ll be fine. ITV Hub will stream perfectly as long as you have a decent internet connection.

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