So the Best UK VPN 2020 for BBC iPlayer

Well it’s a tricky one for me, this.  For over a decade I’ve been using Identity Cloaker to watch my beloved BBC when I’m travelling. There’s no doubt that as a security product it’s in front of all the competitors, after all how many VPNs have options to tunnel through corporate firewalls !  It still works brilliantly on my laptop for watching the BBC too, mainly because it’s servers are fast and not overcrowded like most of the big players.

Best UK VPN 2020

However for the last few months I’ve been increasingly using Nord VPN because it has apps for my phone and tablet.  It also works very well for the BBC iPlayer as long as you choose servers that work and add them to your favorites.  Nord VPN has an ‘autoconnect’ feature which seems to always assign me on to an overcrowded server that has issues with the BBC.  All my favorites work every time though, so this is what I base my opinion on,

Best VPN for BBC iPlayer in 2020

Anyway a quick summary appears in this video, about me choosing the best UK VPN for 2020.

I think it’s deserved praise, it might be one of the big boys in the VPN market but it’s managed to keep that edge of quality.   There are frequent updates and improvements to the client software, bug fixes are routinely sorted and performance  has never noticeably suffered.

There are literally hundreds of dedicated UK IP addresses which can be used to connect to BBC iPlayer.  Of course a few do get blocked occasionally by the BBC but that’s certainly true of every single VPN I’ve ever used.  The simple thing with Nord is that it has so many different IP addresses you can just switch to another one.  Since I’ve sorted through a few and added them to my favorites list I haven’t been blocked once in the last month.

Ultimately many of us now use UK VPNs to access geo-blocked sites so it’s this range of IP addresses which are important.  The technology behind them is well proven so as longs as IP addresses are rotated and server loads managed then access to these sites shouldn’t be a problem.  It’s also worth noting that Nord VPN is among the cheapest VPNs I’ve ever used too.

So if you’re not bothered about fancy security options and advanced configurations then it’s worth checking them out.  Saying that Nord has some specialized services which add extra security too, double VPN encryption anyone?   Yet for most of us the phrase best UK VPN usually means just the best way to watch geo-blocked sites like the BBC iPlayer and other UK TV stations from abroad.



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