ITV Hub Abroad VPN Options

The ITV Hub is the website of one of the oldest commercial TV stations in the world.  ITV is the largest commercial TV station in the UK and is even the proud holder of the world’s longest running Soap – Coronation Street.  The station obviously broadcasts directly to the United Kingdom but there are certain methods where you can watch the online site from abroad.

ITV Hub Abroad VPN Solution

Yes, you can, there are two methods where you can access this great site.  Firstly, if you are in the EU, you can access the vast majority of the site by upgrading your account to ITV Hub Plus.  This will work in any EU country while your subscription is active.
ITV Hub Abroad VPN

The second option is to use something called a VPN to hide your location and switch it to the United Kingdom. This is relatively easy to do and indeed millions all over the world use these VPNs routinely to access blocked sites. You can see a quick demonstration of this in action using a program called Nord VPN.

Here’s the video demonstrating how to access the ITV Hub from outside the UK – you can watch the video here or directly on YouTube if you prefer –

You can also access ITV Hub by using Identity Cloaker which performs exactly the same function. It hides your real location and instead presents the IP address of the VPN server. Both programs offer the facility to watch ITV Hub abroad plus all the other UK TV stations like the BBC iPlayer as well.

Most properly configured VPNs which have enough servers in the United Kingdom will allow access to the ITV Hub.  However, there are a couple of points to remember especially if you are having difficulties!

Sometimes if you’re trying to watch ITV Hub in Canada your device may checks Regional Settings on Device, so you may have to change your computer locale to the United Kingdom.  It’s not always necessary but if you’re having problems using a VPN then it’s worth changing this.

The main way that VPNs are blocked is by identifying when too many connections are originating on the same IP address.  Always get a VPN which has lots of servers available, Nord for example has hundreds of UK servers so you can easily switch if you have an issue with a particular server.


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