How to Watch MOTD Stream Online Abroad

Here’s the VPN used to watch Match of the Day live stream from abroad, click the image to visit their discount page. It also allows you to watch the highlights if you miss the live show.

watch match of the day online


Ok football fans in this video I’m going to show you how you can stream Match of the Day online from anywhere in the world. Now as you probably know Match of the Day is the BBC’s coverage of the football premiership football league. It’s world-renowned and if you’ve ever spent any time in the UK.

I’m sure you’ve watched it if you’re a sports fan. It’s broadcast normally on Saturday evenings but there are shows called Match of the Day 2 with you watch on Friday, well sometimes Fridays generally Sundays and Mondays which cover the other premiership matches and sometimes the FA Cup matches as well. They don’t have coverage over live matches anymore because that’s gone all to the Satellite providers like BT and Sky.

Ok but we’re going to tell you how you can watch Match of the Day from anywhere in the world.  This demonstration was done from Amsterdam, but the same applies anywhere in the world.  SO here’s how to watch BBC iPlayer in Netherlands or anywhere else in the world.

Ok so I’m going to show you where you can find it, we’ve gone into BBC iPlayer here and let’s go on and find match of the Day.

And we will see what’s available. There won’t be huge amounts available. You can watch all Match of the Day Live so when it’s been streamed from the iPlayer live stream. Then they are archived, they don’t come on straight away and there seems to be a delay of 2 days, I think. Then they’re archived for a maximum of a week so don’t expect to see a 3-month.

Version because that I think it’s the sports licensing rights. But you can see them for a few days after, generally a week.

Ok so here we’ve got Match of the Day, I think this is the last episode.

And you can see here we got BBC iPlayer only works in the UK sorry it’s due to a rights issue. What happened here is and they looked up my IP address. Seen that it’s not based in the UK and basically blocked access. So, I can’t watch Match of the day but I’m going to show you how you can. So, this is for anybody who’s outside the UK!

So, I need to change my IP address and make the BBC think I’m in the UK. To do that I’m going to use a program called NordVPN

Which you can see.

Now you can see from this gives me the access to have a VPN server and connect to anywhere in the world. Scroll out that you can see this is where all the VPN servers of Nord are I have using Nord for a few years now.

Basically, it’s the cheapest so if you get one of the long deals it’s really inexpensive.

Ok so I’m going to show you how to access.

Now what I should point out at this point don’t use quick connect. If using Nord VPN don’t use quick connect it’s not worth it and don’t go to the United Kingdom lists and just click one randomly. Now the reason is because, what you need to do is especially not use the quick connect.

Is the BBC will sometimes block access based on the number of people using it. The BBC can’t detect the VPN but if they see 10000 people coming from the same IP address – they’ll say they’re using a VPN and they will block it temporarily.

The thing is to avoid quick connect and the default IP addresses on Nord. If you go to the Nord website, there’s a page and in my description below. There is a list of which servers to use ok. You can pick them randomly and I’ve just found one and tried it out and add it to my favourites’. But don’t do it 2 minutes before the live stream Match of the Day but occasionally you’ll get them but won’t work and I’ve been blocked. But this one I used this is one of my favourites.

I can’t United Kingdom 1047.

Try that one, but not too many of you please as I always use that basically because it works for me. It’s not one of the optimised ones that Nord do but it always seems to work.

  • Ok so I clicked to a United Kingdom.
  • Start Chrome and we’ll go back to BBC iPlayer.
  • Yes, and now we’re connected to one of Nords UK servers ok. So, it will see a UK IP address and hopefully I can watch Match of the Day.
  • Here on the same screen here there’s Gary Lineker and we just click on ok.
  • Click on Play

Can you see now instead of getting that little error message about not being in the UK It’s seen my UK IP address and it’s streaming perfectly well

Here’s the start of Match of the Day, last weeks.

I”ll just quit there because the BBC don’t like streaming their stuff on YouTube. There it is, it works perfectly, and it also means you can go to ITV Channel 4 and you watch all the BBC. So remember Match of the Day you can watch live and for about a week on archive and then it disappears most of BBC iPlayer stuff you can watch for 12-months.

Channel 4 and Channel 5 have got different restrictions, but you generally won’t see much football there.   Ok so that’s watching Match of the Day on the BBC from anywhere in the world enjoy all sports fans, Bye for now.

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