Gardeners World iPlayer: Where to Watch Gardeners’ World

How to Watch Gardeners World on BBC iPlayer: Outside the UK

Gardeners World is one of the world’s premier programmes for gardeners and is watched by millions. Although it’s based in the UK, the programme is famous for covering a huge range of gardening topics that are relevant to gardeners everywhere.

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What is the Gardeners World TV Show ?

Gardeners World TV show is a BBC 2 perennial favourite. It was first broadcast in 1968 and has since become one of the most popular gardening shows in the UK. The very first episode was broadcast from Oxford University but the locations now change periodically.

It’s famous for it’s down to earth approach and is filled with good ideas, tips and practical advice for gardeners all over the world. It doesn’t matter where or what sort of garden you have, there will be something for you in Gardeners World.

Where can you find the BBC’s Gardeners World show?

It’s main home is on BBC 2 and is normally broadcast on Friday evening at around 8:00 if you want to catch it live. The show is broadcast live on BBC iPlayer and older episodes are available on the application too. Currently there are about 50 episodes available on BBC iPlayer all of which are an hour long, that’s a lot of gardening information. The BBC iPlayer allows you to watch all the BBC’s channels live and also stream from it’s archive normally for about 12 month after. It’s free of charge if you’re based in the United Kingdom, you’ll should have a UK TV license if you intend to watch live though.

Gardeners World iPlayer

You can also find Gardeners World on a few cable TV channels around the world, however the availability of these does vary. The largest archive of older episodes is probably on BritBox – the UK TV streaming services. This is a paid subscription service which is available in a few countries across the world including the US and Canada.

How to Watch Gardeners World from outside the UK

If you want to watch the current live versions of Gardeners World then there’s only one option – you have to watch it on the BBC. If you live in the UK then of course this won’t be a problem as it’s broadcast on the UK TV network, free of charge. You do need a TV license, but that’s required for anyone who owns a TV set anyway.

From outside the United Kingdom there’s only one option and that’s to access the truly awesome BBC iPlayer. Unfortunately this does take a little bit of effort, because if you try and watch iPlayer from outside the UK then you’ll get blocked. Basically the BBC web site determines your location by looking up where your IP is registered to.  It effectively blocks access to BBC Gardeners World iPlayer live shows and all of the older shows in the archive. This allows them to detect where you are physically located, if it’s outside the UK then you won’t be able to stream video, watch live TV or access the majority of BBC Radio/Sounds.

However there is a fix and it’s a pretty simple one. You can access Gardeners World and all the BBC iPlayer channels plus all the other UK TV stations like ITV Hub simply by hiding your location. All you have to do is use something called a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which can be enabled by installing some simple software on your computer, tablet, laptop or device.

Here’s how it’s done –

Not very difficult and the VPN doesn’t cost very much plus it encrypts and protects your internet connection too. The one demonstrated above is called NordVPN  and although there are quite a few others available too. Just make sure that it works with BBC iPlayer, as many no longer do.

Why do you need a VPN for watching online programs outside of the UK

Most of the world’s large media sites restrict access to their domestic market. All the UK mains TV stations like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Channel 5 will block anyone who isn’t in the UK. It’s not just Britain though, media sites all over the world do exactly the same. US media sites like Hulu, NBC, Pandora and ABC will block access to anyone outside the USA. Throughout Europe, the main media sites do similar too – you can’t watch M6 Replay from outside France for example.

The reason is usually claimed to be copyright and licensing issues which haven’t really kept pace with the global broadcasting medium that is the internet. Most of the broadcasters license content to broadcast in their own country only so they are not allowed to let viewers from other countries watch.  Typical examples are films, sports programmes like Match of the Day and content produced  and licensed from a third party.  It’s all led to a crazy situation of a regional internet, even when you have a huge internet presence on the world wide web.

So until all this changes it’s likely that most media companies will only allow domestic customers to stream video and programmes directly.   A VPN means that you can ignore all this and watch whatever you went irrespective of your location.  You can watch British TV shows like Gardeners World anywhere from Australia to North America indeed absolutely everywhere that has the internet.

Why would someone want to watch a streaming service like this in 2023

Watching TV shows and programmes online is becoming increasingly common in 2023.   All the UK TV stations broadcast the majority of their shows both over the airwaves and across the internet simultaneously. The huge advantage of watching online is that you can choose when and where to watch your chosen shows. Plus of course you’re not tied to using your TV – watch on a tablet, phone or laptop if you prefer.

So you can either watch UK TV live or catch up from the archive if you miss them.  If you miss a programme or an episode it doesn’t matter as you can simply catch up online. In fact BBC iPlayer also provides a download facility where you can download the programme and watch offline too. This means you can download and enjoy when you don’t have access to an internet connection.

Who is Monty Don ?

George Montagu Don was born on 8 July, 1955. He is a television presenter, gardener, and writer who has appeared over many years on Gardeners World. Monty Don is one of the most high profile British horticulturists mainly because of his job as a presenter for BBC. In 2003, he replaced Alan Titchmarsh as the lead presenter of Gardeners’ World. He became extremely popular and only left the show in 2008 due to illness. He returned in 2011 and has been one of the main presenters ever since.

Where can I find more information about the show?

Here’s some background information on where to watch gardeners’ world and some associated facts and figures.

BBC iPlayer Gardeners World Official Site

There’s lots of information online and if you are using a VPN to watch on BBC iPlayer you can also access the programme’s page here –

BBC iPlayer – Gardeners World

Most of the team also appear on the BBC’s other famous show which is broadcast on BBC Radio 4. The listeners or audience send in questions about gardening which the week’s panel all try to answer – BBC Radio 4 – Gardeners’ Question Time. Typical questions could be how to banish green fly, how to prune my roses and when to tidy my conifers.

When is Gardeners World on TV ?

If you want to watch the programme live it’s normally on 8:00 BST on Friday Evenings.

What is the BBC’s Gardeners World Magazine?

The show has become so successful they even have their own magazine, which you can subscribe to. There’s a digital version online which is accessible to anyone who pays the subscription costs – Gardening Advice and Inspiration – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine (

How many episodes of Gardeners World are there Currently on BBC iPlayer

Generally each episode is streamed live and then available on the BBC iPlayer archive for twelve months. So depending on when a show is broadcast, this will dictate how many episodes that are available. Currently at the time of writing there are 45 episodes of Gardeners World available on the archive and each one is just under an hour in length. Of course there are no adverts at all on BBC including online, but you will find some promotional trailers for other BBC shows.

What are some gardening tips from Carole Klein?

Carole Klein is one of the main presenters on Gardeners World and she explains how to grow flowers in your garden.

“Wildflowers are vital for bees survival, new fashion in settings urban and rural. Here are our favourite tips to help you get started.”

Carole Klein is a British gardener and author who has written more than 50 gardening books. She also hosts a weekly radio show called Gardening World. She shares her gardening tips on this radio show, she is also the author of a podcast called Gardening World with Carole Klein. Carole Klein’s gardening tips are shared from her own experience, they also come from her travels around the world.

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