BBC Coronavirus Coverage from Abroad

News about the Coronavirus is of course everywhere at the moment.  However finding information which you can trust is actually becoming harder to source.   If you starts searching for advice you can easily end up finding lots of the misleading and downright false information especially on social media.

Fortunately there are a few news sources which you should definitely trust in these confusing times.  One of them is the BBC and here’s one of their latest reports debunking some of the myths on the Coronavirus –

Of course the situation changes all the time and we’ll probably discover new facts and information over the coming weeks.  However there are very few places with the levels of editorial responsibility and resources that we can genuinely trust.  99% of the information out there is completely unregulated and is simply posted and spread with little or no research at all.

You’ll probably know which organisations or sites that you can genuinely trust in your own location.  For the United Kingdom the BBC is almost certainly near the top of the list, although plenty may even disagree with this.   However if you want to keep up to date with the latest developments then the BBC Coronavirus coverage is without doubt a sensible place to start.  Unfortunately the majority of the site including all the news programmes and reports are inaccessible outside the United Kingdom. So for people like expats in Spain and Australia or any fan of the BBC it’s completely inaccessible.

Here’s a solution that allows anyone to access all the BBC channels live online irrespective of where they live.

How to Watch the BBC Coronavirus Coverage Outside the UK.

The BBC bans access to all it’s live programmes and BBC iPlayer archive based on your IP address. When anyone visits the website they check your address and then look up where it’s registered to. Unfortunately there’s little you can do to stop this process or indeed change your IP address. However there is an elegant solution which millions of us use every day to watch the BBC from anywhere in the world. IN fact the method unlocks just about every other geo-locked website too, from the BBC to Britbox to Hulu and CNN in the USA. It basically means that pretty much anything is available irrespective of where you physically are.

Here’s a quick demonstration using a great little VPN service called NordVPN

What happens is that when you connect to a VPN server there are two distinct benefits –

  • An encrypted channel is created which keeps all your web activity private.
  • All web sites will see the IP address of the VPN server not your real one.

It’s the second one that is important as far as avoiding these location blocks though.  If you choose a UK based VPN server you can then access all UK content without restriction.   Similarly if you connect to a US VPN server all the US only sites will be unlocked and so on.   If you want to revert to your actual location you simply disconnect the VPN service or connect to a server in the same location.


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