Ready Steady Cook to Return to UK Television

Apparently it’s been 10 years since the ‘fun’ cooking show Ready Steady Cook left British TV screens. Now amazingly, someone has decided that we need it to return – for what reason I really don’t know. Actually I do know, because the pair plotting this pointless relaunch are Ainsley Harriot and James Martin – the ones who made their names on the original.

I’m not sure why it fizzled out in the first place, I presume it was because Ainsley moved on to other things. If you’ve never watched it, there’s loads of the old programmes on YouTube that are available to watch. Here’s one of the original shows –

Why we need yet another cooking show is completely confusing – there’s so many of them. Ready Steady Cook was sort of a cross between a game show and a serious cooking programme. However I personally found Ainsley so overbearing and annoying it was almost unwatchable. Then again it was pretty popular, and when the news stories broke last week it trended high on lots of social networks.

Anyway if you’re a fan then you’re likely to be looking forward to it relaunching. For everyone else, remember you’ve been warned that Ainsley Harriot could be returning to main stream TV again!

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