Killing Eve Season 2 on BBC iPlayer

It’s incredible how the way we watch TV has changed, and in some ways I think we’ve lost something.  I was only reading this article online about the new series of Killing Eve (season 2 at time of writing) and the web is full of talk about Series 3.  In fact it’s only just been released and already everyone has watched the whole series.

Now call me old fashioned but for me one of the delights of a cliff hanger drama like Killing Eve is the fact you could watch it then talk about it with your friends, co-workers, people at the bus stop. Now we’ve all either watched it all or the mroe restrained are at different episodes. This is even worse as you dare not discuss unless you accidentally reveal some secret plot line – the result is one of the biggest dramas of the year and it’s difficult to even talk about it.

The only question perhaps that is safe (at least for a few months) is ‘who is streaming Killing Eve’ which can be equally confusing as the plot.  There are a few places but the safest and easiest, and even the cheapest is to enjoy it BBC iPlayer where episodes are now available for over a year.   What’s more you can even access it easily from outside the United Kingdom – a fully fledged, world class streaming service to rival Netflix.  Just fire up Identity Cloaker or check out this post which can change your IP address completely free of charge for a fortnight – easily enough time to binge watch the entire series.


The second season of hit black comedy style spy drama Killing Eve was only released last month, yet such is the appeal of the show that viewers are already questioning whether a third is in the works.

Series two returned a year after the show – starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer in the lead roles – swept the awards scene and captivated legions of fans all across the world.

So, will there be a third season? Here’s what we know:

Is Season 3 of Killing Eve confirmed?

Shortly after the first episode of season two premiered in the US in April, BBC America announced the programme is being renewed ‘right out of the gate’.

The BBC have acquired the third season for its UK audience. Charlotte Moore, BBC director of content, said: ‘It’s fantastic news that there will be a third series of this award winning hit drama and we’re delighted UK audiences will be able to see Killing Eve exclusively on the BBC.’


If you haven’t watched any of the shows, then I urge you to try the first two series.  It’s honestly worth trying as the drama is something different, with great characters and an intriguing, but slightly confusing, plot.   You’ll also have some idea of what people are talking about when they ask ‘Who’s Killing Eve?’.



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