What’s Next For ‘In the Line of Duty’? Series Seven Anyone ?

End of Line of Duty – Series Seven

The final episode of this hugely popular series aired on Sunday, and it was a bittersweet ending for the show. This is a TV show that stars Martin Compston, Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar. It shows British police officers fighting crime in their own unique way. The series has been getting some great reviews but it’s also very popular with viewers too. People can’t wait for the next series to come out although many fans complained about the ending many considering it a confusing anti-climax. The master criminal – ‘H’ was certainly a less than impressive figure.

Line of Duty

The whole series has been hugely successful and spanned over a decade. It was always going to be difficult to create an ending that answered all the questions raised over the years. However many fans were rather disappointed at a rather tepid ending.

What happened at the end of Line of Duty series 6?

Many plot points were left unresolved at the end of Line of Duty 6. Many plots and subplots were left open. One of the most significant unresolved questions was whether or not ‘H’ would be finally caught.

If you’ve missed the previous series, well you have a few options – first and by far the best one is to go to BBC iPlayer and enjoy all the previous series which are still available. If you’re outside the UK then you’ll need a VPN like NordVPN to access iPlayer or UK TV everywhere.  You should also stop reading this post now.  You can also subscribe to Britbox depending on where you live, although you will have to pay the subscription.

The alternative is to watch this super fast summary (warning might contain spoilers).

This is because he has been at the centre of everything that happened in Line Of Duty and it seemed odd for him to just walk away without being really punished. However, many are now wondering if this was a deliberate ploy by Jed Mercurio the screenwriter responsible for the blockbuster series.Who was H in Line of Duty – who was the man? The identity of ‘H’ has been one major question that Line Of Duty fans have debated over for years. He has certainly been portrayed as something of a Moriarty figure who was always one step ahead of the police.

The end of season six saw Superintendent Ian Buckells being unmasked as corrupt policeman H, the elusive fourth man who AC-12 had been chasing for years.

Despite many fans expecting that the long-awaited end of series 6 would be to “tie up loose ends”, it was a disappointment for many when they finally found out that – after all this time – H wasn’t really a criminal mastermind after all. In fact he wasn’t even the leader of the organised crime group but merely a front man.

Is line of duty Season 6 the final series?

Some fans think that Jed Mercurio deliberately left some plot points unresolved because he has other plans for the next series. This seems unlikely to many though, as it would be a very unusual move for any writer of television drama. Many viewers want Line Of Duty to continue but this is not currently scheduled in fact it was billed that Series 6 would be the conclusion of the drama.

Will there be a Season 7 of line of duty?

Line of Duty has not yet been commissioned for a seventh series. This was planned to be the show’s final season and initially it was assured that there would be no more series.

Charlotte Moore, BBC’s chief content officer, says she would like to talk with the show creators about “where we go next” and what the future of the series might be. This seems more than a subtle hint that Line of Duty is not quite finished yet. In fact there are many rumours that the BBC has changed it’s position and is now keen to expand to the seventh series.

There is certainly room in the plot to expand. There are still many questions without answers and lots of plot lines that are far from finished. In fact many fans feel that Series 6 wasn’t even close to being a proper conclusion. The head of the OCG is still at large, although we all have strong suspicions about who it is.

There’s also certainly strong commercial pressure, it’s one of the most successful shows ever to have been aired on UK TV ! Line of Duty reached 13.6 million viewers at one point and the finale has been watched by over 50% of the UK’s TV audience (whatever that means).

This is a question that fans of the show have been asking since it aired its sixth season finale. It’s unclear whether there will be a seventh season, but if you look at how Line Of Duty has performed in the past few years, Season 7 seems likely. The series had huge ratings for its fifth and sixth seasons; as well as an average Rotten Tomatoes rating of 8/10 on IMDb (out of 1,838 reviews). If these numbers continue to grow over time then we may just see another year with one our favourite police dramas!

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