ITVX Launch: Get Ready to Watch Free Live TV, Catch Up, and Stream the Latest Season of Hell’s Kitchen

ITVX Launch: What is ITVX?

ITVX is a new streaming service that offers an improved and expanded version of the previous ITV Hub. It is free to watch and includes a range of content for viewers to enjoy, including exclusive new series and movies every week as well as blockbuster movies, themed channels, and live streaming of events. ITVX is significant in that it provides viewers with access to additional content that was not previously available on the traditional ITV platform, such as premiering new content first on ITVX before it airs on linear channels months later.

ITVX Format Launch

It’s a great, clean interface and all the programs are easily accessible. If you want to look at some of the new content that it is being made available then check out the ITVX YouTube Channel here – ITVX YouTube Channel

There’s some great new shows and access to many of ITVs classic catalogue too especially if you go for the ‘premium’ offer.

Can I Watch ITVX Outside the UK

Unfortunately exactly the same restrictions apply to ITVX as did for many years with ITV Hub i.e. you can only watch if you’re located in the United Kingdom.

The good news is that you can still use the same workaround as many of us have used for years to enjoy ITV Hub from outside the UK.

Just in case, you’re unsure here’s a quick illustration of how easy it to use a VPN to watch ITV abroad.

There’s a few VPN services that work for ITVX but we’ve always used NordVPN based on reliability, ease of use and of course price!

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What services does ITVX offer?

ITVX is replacing the ITV Hub and will provide 10,000 hours of free shows, such as A Spy Among Friends, Without Sin and Riches.

ITVX is a streaming service that offers users access to free live television, catch-up content, and the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen. With over 20 channels to choose from and a subscription VOD service, ITVX provides viewers with a wide range of options when it comes to their entertainment needs. Through ITVX, users can enjoy dramas like A Spy Among Friends and Tell Me Everything before they air on traditional TV as well as original comedy and documentary shows, US TV shows, blockbuster films, and even major global events such as the FIFA World Cup.

ITVX will offer access to original and exclusive content.

The inclusion of original and exclusive content is integral to the success of ITVX. Through offering a range of content that cannot be found anywhere else, ITVX can attract new viewers while keeping existing customers engaged. The ever-changing library of blockbuster movies and themed channels helps ensure that viewers continue to stay interested in the platform, while also providing them with fresh content on a weekly basis. By having this variety in its catalogue, ITVX can keep customers subscribing and coming back for more.

ITVX will offer full series releases in 2023.

ITVX is a groundbreaking streaming service from ITV that will provide users with access to 15,000 hours of content – much more than ITV’s current library. Users can look forward to content being streamed several months earlier than on linear channels, and the launch of themed channels tailored to viewers’ preferences and popularity. Additionally, users will have the ability to choose where in the schedule they want to watch their favourite shows through a subscription VOD service or ad-supported free tier. With these features as well as exclusive first-run programming from ITV’s broadcast channels, ITVX is poised to revolutionize how people experience television in the UK. Furthermore, with initiatives like product design and technology improvements bolstering user experience and strategic content marketing providing more relevant messages for viewers, ITVX has all the tools necessary for success.

Access to Britbox

If you become a premium member of ITVX then you’ll also get access to the Britbox streaming service too. In fact, Britbox has actually moved to become part of ITVX so you’re actually subscribing to both now. The subscription fee is £5.99 a month

ITVX News Channel

Instead of having a dedicated 24 hour news channel like the BBC, ITV has adopted a different approach. There will be a virtual channel which is constantly updated with news and current affair stories from ITV News. This will ensure you can access the topics and stories of interest to you at any point simply by clicking on that item.

ITVX will be a shareholder in the controller of Freeview.

ITVX shareholders may benefit from the merger, as it could help the company expand its reach and improve its product offerings. The merger also strengthens ITVX’s position as a leading global exchange.

What are some of the channels are available with ITVX?

There’s a whole new look to ITV and it’s one of the most advanced looking media streaming sites around. It still has standard ITV channels like it’s predecessor ITV Hub but there’s a lot more content available. ITVX includes many more ‘virtual’ or temporary channels which you can switch too. For example at the moment there’s a Xmas Movies channel, a World Cup Classics channel. This is an innovative idea which groups topical programmes in an easy to find format.

The standard ITV channels remain the same and form the core of ITV’s online content. We’ve listed those below but remember you’ll see many more virtual channels listed alongside these.

1. ITV1

ITV1 is one of the UK’s most popular television channels, offering viewers a variety of programmes, films and documentaries. As part of ITVX’s launch, the channel will be included in the new streaming service. With ITVX, viewers can watch free live TV, catch up on their favourite shows and stream the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen – all through 20+ channels and subscription video-on-demand service.


ITVX offers a wide range of programming options for viewers targeted at a slightly younger audience. The age range is described as 16-35 but of course anyone older can watch too! The focus is on comedy and light entertainment with shows like Love Island premiering here.


ITVBE is a streaming service from UK broadcaster ITV that is known for providing programming for a variety of interests. ITVBE is home to programmes like reality TV and other unscripted shows and events. There’s lots of original shows like The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Dinner Date and The Only Way Is Essex. Plus many franchised and purchased shows in a similar format.


ITV3 has all sorts of shows but is primarily populated by high quality dramas. Here you’ll find shows like Vera, Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders and so on. There are lots of great crime/detective shows which ITV are rightly famous for including lots of older classics from ITVs past.


ITV4 is another streaming service from UK broadcaster ITV, offering exclusive new series. the theme of this channel is a little mixed – it contains lots of older classic shows like the Champions and The Protectors and it’s also the home of live sports broadcasts. Obviously the content of this channel will vary a little depending on which sports events they are covering.


CITV is the home of ITV’s children’s TV shows, from animated cartoons to real life dramas there’s a huge amount for your kids to enjoy on ITVX. It broadcasts news shows, some purchased and others from the ITV’s huge children’s TV archive.

ITV Classics

This is one the newer channels which includes lots of ITVs classic shows. These are mainly from the archive and include a lot of shows that were previously only accessible in Britbox. It’s worth browsing through the lists and find those old favorites that you’d forgotten about.

ITV Signed

ITVX is an innovative streaming service that offers a variety of content, from commissioned and acquired series to singles and films. ITVX provides viewers with a diverse range of genres, programs and exclusive new content every week. It is built on a new technical and user architecture, supported by enhanced data capabilities which sets it apart from traditional ITV streaming approaches. As such, it is considered an important step in the evolution of streaming services in the UK.

How much does it cost to subscribe to ITVX?

The cost of subscribing to ITVX is £5.99 per month or £59.99 per year. Premium subscribers are able to enjoy ad-free viewing, the ability to download content, and exclusive access to Britbox content.

What features and benefits come with an ITVX subscription?

1. ITVX: Quality of content

ITVX is a streaming service with quality content for all, from premium dramas to blockbuster films and more. With no annoying commercials, the focus can remain on watching favorite shows – and new episodes are released weekly for even more enjoyment. ITVX is available on multiple devices and platforms, including BT TV and YouView, with roll-out across other devices in the future. The service also includes ad support between clips during some shows. Additionally, ITVX offers an enhanced data capability allowing viewers to watch without buffering problems or limits on how much data they can use. There’s plenty of reasons to switch over to ITVX – explore the world today!

  • This quality-focused streaming service offers a wide range of content, from premium dramas to blockbuster films. You won’t find any annoying commercials here, so you can focus on what really matters – watching your favorite shows.
  • ITVX is made for binge-watching – you can catch up on all your favorite shows in just one sitting. Plus, new episodes of your favorites are dropping every week, so there’s always something new to enjoy.
  • To get started with ITVX, simply head over to one of the devices or platforms that it’s available on (like BT TV and YouView). It will be rolling out across more devices and platforms in the forthcoming weeks, so don’t worry if you don’t have it yet!
  • As well as being free-to-watch, ITVX is also ad-supported – meaning ads will appear between clips during some shows (but not all). However, these ads are much shorter than those seen on linear channels, so they shouldn’t interrupt your entertainment too much.
  • If that wasn’t enough incentive to switch over to ITVX, there’s also the fact that it offers a significantly enhanced data capability. This means that you can watch content without suffering from buffering problems, or limits on how much data you can use.
  • Finally, if all this sounds good to you but you’re not sure if ITVX is right for you, don’t worry – we have some pretty convincing reasons why it should be! So what are you waiting for? dive into the world of ITVX today!

2. ITVX: Price

An ITVX subscription costs £99 per month or £59.99 per year. Customers who opt for the ITVX Premium package will get ad-free access, access to BritBox shows, and faster speeds for an additional cost of £160 million ($195 million) in 2023.

3. ITVX: Number of channels

The number of channels included in an ITVX subscription is not specified.

4. ITVX: Catch-up service

The ITVX catch-up service provides subscribers with access to previously aired television shows, giving them the opportunity to watch programs they may have missed. The service benefits subscribers by allowing them to watch on their own schedule, without having to wait for the next airing of a particular show. This can be especially helpful for those who want to catch up on ongoing series and follow along with current storylines.

5. ITVX: Streaming service

ITVX is an advanced streaming platform, offering viewers a new and improved experience. It provides access to over 20 channels, as well as subscription Video On Demand (VOD) services. With ITVX, users can enjoy free live TV, catch up on their favorite shows, and even stream the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen. The platform will be available across multiple devices and platforms in the upcoming weeks.

6. ITVX: User experience

An ITVX subscription allows users the convenience of accessing 20+ themed channels with a simple web browser or subscription service. Through an ITVX subscription, users can watch live TV, catch up on their favorite shows and dive into complete seasons of popular programs such as ‘Hell’s Kitchen US’, ‘True Crime’ and ‘The Chase’. With an improved user experience, viewers can easily find the content they desire and enjoy it without missing out.

7. ITVX: On-demand content

On-demand content is any media content that can be watched, streamed or downloaded whenever the viewer chooses. This is in contrast to linear television services, which are broadcast at set times and can only be watched live. On-demand content provides viewers with more flexibility and control over their entertainment experience. ITVX’s subscription service will offer a wide range of on-demand content including movies, TV shows and other programming, giving viewers access to a constantly updated library of entertainment options at their fingertips.

8. ITVX: Availability of subtitles

The ITVX subscription service offers a range of subtitles in multiple languages. This allows viewers to access content in their native language, ensuring that everybody is able to enjoy the same shows and stream the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen. Subtitles also make it easier for viewers with hearing impairments to follow along with their favorite shows on ITVX.

10. ITVX: Variety of programmes

An ITVX subscription is important for a variety of reasons, most notably its expansive range of programmes. With options ranging from premium dramas to blockbuster films, there’s something for everyone. Moreover, ITVX also offers exclusive content every week and will replace the ITV Hub as the destination to watch free live TV, catch up on missed episodes and stream the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen. By embracing such diversity in programming, ITVX provides viewers with an unparalleled entertainment experience.

12. ITVX: Platform availability

ITVX is available on a variety of platforms, including web browsers, mobile and tablet devices, Smart TVs and streaming media players.

13. ITVX: Customer service

Customer service is important for ITVX subscribers because it provides a positive experience. The constantly changing host of exclusive themed channels, the ability to choose where in the schedule they join the pop-up channels, and access to more in-depth investigative journalism through an ad-free subscription offers an enhanced experience that customers appreciate. Additionally, customer service helps ensure that viewers are able to enjoy must-watch events such as the FIFA World Cup, I’m A Celebrity and the Love Island Finale without any hiccups or errors.

14. ITVX: Data security

Data security is a key feature and benefit of an ITVX subscription as it ensures that viewers’ personal information is kept safe and secure. This includes user information such as login details, credit card numbers, profiles, preferences and more. With an ITVX subscription, users can be sure that their data is protected with the latest encryption technologies.

15. ITVX: Advertising

ITVX provides customers with an extensive range of live TV, catch up and streaming services, including the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen. With over 20 channels available and a subscription Video on Demand (VOD) service, viewers have access to exclusive new series every week and thousands of box sets. Customers can also take advantage of the free trial offer before signing up for ITVX Premium at either £5.99 a month or £59.99 for a year – offering savings compared to paying monthly. Plus, ITVX Premium members get to watch ad-free most times they are watching ITV television channels through ITVX, download content so they can watch it anywhere and gain access to Britbox Exclusives as well. For those looking for even more content related to this platform, there is also the review “ITV: A History” available too!

16. ITVX: Bundling options

ITVX offers three different bundling options: Premium, Core and Ultimate. The Premium option includes access to all features and benefits of the platform, such as free live TV, catch up and streaming the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen. The Core option adds additional features such as a personalised recommendations service, while the Ultimate option adds more streaming services. Each plan also comes with a subscription VOD service which gives users access to hundreds of new movies and shows each month.


What is ITVX?

ITVX is a new streaming service that promises to bring viewers the latest and greatest shows, movies and live events. ITVX offers 20+ channels for free, plus subscription VOD services in the UK. With a focus on digital-first content, viewers can access exclusive series weeks before they air on regular ITV linear channels. On top of that, users can catch up with their favorite shows or stream complete seasons of series such as Hell’s Kitchen directly from the website. With constant updates of fresh content to watch, ITVX is changing the way people watch TV in the UK!

What is the content offering of ITVX?

ITVX is offering an impressive range of content, with 20 themed channels available at launch and new ones added every week. Users can find exclusive new series and channels with fresh content dropping every week. Live streaming of events is also available, as well as thousands of box sets to choose from. The “lean back experience” feature allows users to enjoy a curated selection of channels without having to actively choose which one to watch.

What is the company behind ITVX?

ITVX is a streaming service created and operated by ITV, an integrated producer broadcaster that creates, owns and distributes video content on multiple platforms. ITV produces and broadcasts programs across genres such as drama, news, entertainment, music, sport and factual. ITVX provides users with access to over 20 channels of live television including networks like Channel 4 and Sky One as well as subscription Video on Demand services. Through the platform users can watch the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen or catch up on missed episodes at any time.

What are the main features of ITVX?

ITVX offers a unique streaming experience with 15,000 hours of content and 20 themed channels available at launch. Viewers can enjoy a “lean back experience” with curated channels and an advertising-supported free-to-watch format. The diverse lineup of content covers everything from cooking and crime dramas to 90s favourites, ensuring there’s something for everyone on ITVX.

  • With 15,000 hours of content and a constantly rotating lineup of new shows, there’s something for everyone on this streaming service.
  • The main features of ITVX include curated channels that offer a “lean back experience”, as well as an advertising-supported free-to-watch format that will be available first on ITVX and subsequently months later on linear television.
  • There are going to be 20 themed channels at launch, covering everything from cooking to crime dramas to 90s favourites.

How does ITVX compare to other streaming services?

ITVX is an affordable streaming service that provides viewers with access to a variety of UK content, including classic Doctor Who episodes. ITVX offers more content than its competitor BritBox and at the same price of £3.99/month for its ad-free paid subscription. ITVX also provides 10,000 hours of free on-demand content as well as access to all live channels via the app, making it a great value compared to other streaming services.

What is the launch date of ITVX?

The launch date of ITVX is Thursday, 8 December.

What is the price of ITVX?

There are two versions of ITVX – the standard one is free. The price of the premium version of ITVX is £5.99 per month or £59.99 for a year, with an option to sign up for a free trial before making the decision to subscribe.

The premium version of ITVX allows users to watch content without ads and download content for offline viewing, as well as access to some Britbox exclusives. Additionally, the platform has increased its content to include thousands more hit shows and some neat extra facilities.

Can i Watch Catch up on ITVX ?

If you miss the start of a programme you can catch up at any time until it finishes.  Otherwise you need to search for the show in the archive, most programmes are help and you can watch them after broadcast.

What are the terms and conditions of ITVX?

The terms and conditions of ITVX include exclusive new series launching online every week, including Spy Among Friends, thousands of box sets available to purchase, a library of blockbuster movies that are ever-changing, and themed channels. Additionally, there is the option for either a monthly subscription fee of £5.99 or an annual subscription fee of £59.99 for a year’s worth of content with a saving of £11.89 compared to paying monthly for twelve months. A free trial is also available which lasts for one week.

What is the customer service number for ITVX?

Customers can contact ITVX’s customer service team by calling the number 0333 003 7777. They are available to answer any questions and resolve any issues related to their streaming services.

What are the social media handles for ITVX?

The social media handles for ITVX are @itvx and @itvx_news, which tweet news and updates about ITV programming.

How Much Data does ITVX use?

“How much data does ITVX use?” ITVX, an online streaming platform, utilizes an average of 1.5GB of data per hour when streaming content in standard definition. However, when streaming in high definition, the data consumption increases to approximately 3GB per hour. This information is crucial for individuals who rely on limited data plans, as it helps them gauge their usage and make informed decisions about their streaming habits.

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