A Perfect Planet Unblocked Watch David Attenborough on BBC iPlayer in 2024

A Perfect Planet Unblocked – Check VPN Below

The BBC’s new nature documentary – A Perfect Planet has been released.  You can watch it from 3rd January on BBC iPlayer, it will be available until approximately the end of 2023 according to the archive.

You can watch it from anywhere in the UK or by using something like NordVPN from any other country.  Simply sign up and select a UK server to connect to before you start BBC iPlayer.

For David Attenborough fans it’s been something we’ve all been waiting for, the latest nature programme he has presented from the BBC.  He’s 95 years old this year so we don’t expect a lot of on site visits, but his narration is always an integral part of these shows.   What’s more his very involvement adds gravitas and importance to the issues that are inevitably raised.

Each of these nature including all the old programmes released by the BBC seems to get better and better.  There’s little to rival the incredible depth and attention to detail in these shows.  It’s not surprising as they need an incredible amount of experience and expertise to produce a documentary like this, which are not easy to find.  It’s already certain that – A Perfect Planet will be one of the best TV shows of 2021, even at this early stage it would be difficult to imagine how it can be beaten.

A Perfect Planet – the Extended Trailer

Here’s the extended trailer, the BBC release a couple of weeks ago –

If you need an excuse to upgrade to a high definition TV then this programme is surely it. Some of the scenes can only be described as breath taking. Sure some of these have been seen before but how can you tire of the incredible shots of flamingos on a Tanzanian salt lake or a drone over an amazing atoll. They are always amazing and inspire awe in any one who watches them.

A Perfect Planet

Climate Change Lessons

Of course, an important part of these shows especially when they’re produced by a Public broadcaster like the BBC.  However who wants to watch a programme that preaches you for an hour!  Fortunately a Perfect Planet isn’t at all like that.  Sure they present the facts like man made emissions now are worse than the combined pollution from all the volcanoes on the planet.   It’s not a sermon though, it presents the facts as part of the narrative which makes it much more powerful.

Not everyone likes nature programmes, and indeed many avoid them at all costs.  They’re are still a huge range available on the BBC iPlayer too, despite the worry that they’d be moved onto Britbox.  In fact every major nature documentary seems to be still accessible on the BBC for some time plus you can watch live of course.  Outside the UK you can use  your account using a decent VPN which has UK servers, it’s not difficult and requires little more than a button press.  You can also use the same technique to watch all the other UK TV channels including ITV Hub.

However I do urge everyone to give a Perfect Planet a try if you can access it, it’s got something for everyone and it really is a very watchable show.


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