How to Connect to British TV in Cyprus

If you’ve just arrived in Cyprus to live or holiday, you may be briefly under the impression that you can’t connect to all the UK TV sites on the internet.  For example if you try and visit the BBC when in Cyprus, you’ll see something like this message – What happens is when you try […]

Simplest Way to Watch British TV in Costa Del Sol

All the UK TV stations broadcast the majority of their shows online. There are a few exceptions, like the odd licensed blockbuster film but usually you can watch everything live or from their archives.  However as anyone who has ever settled down to watch from outside the UK will know, the minute you step outside […]

How do I Stream British TV Abroad

It seems mighty unfair that just because you happen to step out of the country, that suddenly your whole web experience changes. For example the most important site to me is the BBC, I get my news reports, I watch the TV, I listen to the commentary of my local football team’s matches. There’s probably […]

Watch UK TV Online in Portugal

If you’re in Portugal for a short holiday, working trip or perhaps something more permanent then you might have discovered that it can be difficult to access English speaking TV channels.  Unlike many European countries, there’s usually limited access to such channels and it can often be very expensive to access even a small number […]