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ITVX – Grantchester Update 2024

This post is a little out of date so a quick update on the ITV Grantchester situation. Currently you can get the latest series 7 for free on ITVX. In fact, I’ve just checked and all the series 1 to 7 are now available, previously they have been moved onto the Britbox platform which currently is subscription only in North American and United Kingdom. This post shows you how to access Britbox outside the UK.

For many fans, it’s one of the best starts to the year when we see the return of the famous crime fighting vicar.   Grantchester is one of ITV’s most successful dramas and this year it’s back with its 7th series.  For fans of this fairly unique crime solving drama, then it’s a great way to start the year.  Here’s the trailer for the new series, which is starting on Friday.

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The period drama was filmed in earlier in the year and the current series follows the previous pattern of six parts. Most of them are filmed across London, Cambridge and obviously Grantchester too.  It’s the sort of show that ITV and in general UK television companies generally do best – high quality period dramas.

Among fans though there is some bad news, confirming a rumour which has been floating about the internet for a while now. Grantchester series four will include Jame’s Norton’s final appearance as Sidney Chambers.   Reports are suggesting though that his final scenes are worth waiting for and indeed beautifully written.

Fear not though, this won’t spell the end of Grantchester as a new character is being introduced in this series who will replace Norton, the actor Tom Brittney is set to replace him in future series, playing a character called Reverend Will Davenport.   Many will remember him from another hugely popular period drama – Call the Midwife.

Apparently, the change will bring a sort of generational update to the show too with Britnney’s character being much younger.  Ironically the character will update the show greatly to a more up to date version of modern Britain.  Most of the rest of the cast will remain unchanged, including the ever-popular Robson Green who continues to play Geordie Keating.

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Of course, ‘modern Britain’ in Grantchester is set in 1956 but the new characters represent a move away from wartime dominated stories.   Rationing is finishing and it’s the time of teddy boys and rock and roll.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the start of the show, it’s all still available on the ITV Hub which you can watch abroad.  The show starts on the 11th of January 19th and will be broadcast one episode a week for six weeks.  After this point you will still be able to access on the ITV Hub and there’s good news for people not familiar with the crime drama.

I’ve just checked, and all the other episodes and series are still available on the ITV Hub and you can watch them from anywhere if you use a simple VPN with a UK server.  So, start at series one and you’ll have hours of pleasure in store from a wonderful series which is extremely well done with superb production values.

So, if you haven’t watched it, give it a go – it’s a wonderful show and I’m certain all crime fans will love it.  If you’re outside the UK, then remember you just need to hide your location to watch it online.  It’s super simple to do just find one of the VPNs with UK services and connect before you visit the ITV Hub website – here’s how it’s done – watching ITV abroad.

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