BBC iPlayer Drama 2024: Gentleman Jack Series 2

Drama on BBC iPlayer: Gentleman Jack – Series 2

What is Gentleman Jack?

The Gentleman Jack is a new show on the BBC and HBO Max. It is set to be broadcast a few weeks later in America on HBO after it airs in England. The show is a period piece and takes place in the 1700s. Much of the series is filmed in Northern England, specifically Yorkshire and Lancashire. A dramatization of the life of cryptic diarist Anne Lister – a LGBTQ+ trailblazer, voracious learner who returned to Halifax in 1832 to transform the fate of her faded ancestral home named Shibden Hall.

BBC iPlayer: Gentleman Jack - Series 2

Surprisingly the story is based on real life characters and events which happened in the 19th century. The tale seems centuries before it’s time yet the screenplay was based around the true (very detailed) diaries left by Anne Lister.

BBC Trailer for Gentleman Jack

Here’s the trailer for the second series of Gentlemen Jack –

Remember you can watch it on BBC iPlayer completely free of charge (apart from a UK TV license) if you’re in the UK. If you’re outside the UK then just grab a VPN like NordVPN, connect to a UK server and you can watch it too. The first series is also available for the next few months if you missed it first time around. Don’t worry it’s very simple to do and millions of UK expats and BBC fans watch from all over the world like this.

Who is the main character, Anne Lister?

Anne Lister was a 19th century landowner, diarist and traveller. She was also a lesbian, and is considered to be one of the earliest out and open lesbians in recorded history.

Anne Lister is the main character of Gentleman Jack. She is a wealthy 19th century woman who was one of the first people to openly identify herself as lesbian. The novel’s name refers to her “list” of potential suitors and her coming out letter which she sent to family and friends in 1832.

Anne communicated with other lesbians through letters which give insight into their lives at that time period in history. Her aunt and father are both interesting characters, and the family dynamic is explored in the show with different generations playing a role. For example, Marion Geman Whelan plays Anne Lister’s mother.

The death of Jeremy Lister and Anna would be a major loss if Gentleman Jack continues to follow Lister’s real-life story. However, Anne does not have to kill off characters just because they died in real life–she can keep them if they’re useful for the story line.

What are some of the themes explored in the show?

It portrays the difficulties that LGBTQ people faced in the early 19th century. The show also highlights the importance of family and friendship in times of hardship.   It’s a ground breaking show and beautifully done, one of the best dramas on TV for a long time.

What did people think of Anne Lister in her time?

Anne Lister was a woman who refused to keep a low profile. She was provocative and dangerous, which led to the Halifax riots. Despite this, Anne Lister was a powerhouse who accomplished a lot during her time. For example, she restored Shibden Hall and opened up new coal mines.

Ann Walker is really stubborn and has all the money. She doesn’t understand why Anne won’t just give in and marry her already. Nevertheless, the two women continue to struggle with their relationship throughout the first season of Gentlemen Jack

How does the show compare to history?

The Gentleman Jack show has been a big hit with viewers, and many have been wondering how it compares to history. Well as mentioned above it’s based on the real diaries and is certainly based on real characters and events. Anne was pretty famous before this adaptation and you read about her on this page – Anne Lister.

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