Watch How the Wild West Was Won – Ray Mears on BBC iPlayer

There’s a great documentary series that’s just re-appeared on the BBC iPlayer archive and I think Amazon Prime too.   It’s called How the Wild West Was Won and is presented by one of my favourite presenters  – the survival specialist Ray Mears.  Not sure what it is about him, but he has a relaxed and … Read more

Where to Watch Planet Earth Celebration – Stream Online on iPlayer Anywhere

If like many of us you’re feeling a little closed in and isolated due to world events then here’s the perfect solution.  If you want to escape from all the depressing news, bickering and arguments about politics then I can almost guarantee that a few minutes listen to Sir David Attenborough describing the Pink Flamingos … Read more

How to Watch UK TV in Portugal in 2021 – the Best VPN to Use

If you’re in Portugal for a short holiday, working trip or perhaps something more permanent then you might have discovered that it can be difficult to access English speaking TV stations.  Sure there’s lots of channels in Portugal like every where else,  but most are in native Portuguese.  Unlike many European countries, there’s usually limited … Read more

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